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Case Packers

Case Packers WRAP 10

The WRAP packaging units with a wrap-around system in continuous movement are automatic case packers that can wrap the carton on the product before proceeding to the final closure.

They are slim and fast machines that provide more packaging speed compared to the traditional case packers with American carton: they are designed with a customized modular system that is able to process a wide range of die-cut packaging and they are suitable for each kind of material, from plastic bottles to small glass jars, from aluminum to tinplate cans, from containers to cosmetic cans and special packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

The WRAP 10 continuous form packaging unit is built with a self-supporting frame made of modular aluminum sections with large doors for accident prevention to simplify management operation, format change, and maintenance, and it doesn’t require any machine component replacement.

All of the movements are operated and electronically synchronized to ensure a constant speed operation, a reliable, clear, no hitch, peeling off and placing of the die-cut packaging.

All WRAP 10 packaging machines can be equipped with additional components and customized as needed.

Technical Features and Optional

Case packer


  • Self-supporting frame made of modular aluminum sections
  • Gluing flaps group with hot glue
  • Pressing and closing system
  • Die-cut packaging stock
  • Safety devices
  • Controller and commander programmable electronic equipment
  • Boxes dimensions min-max: Length (L) 150-330 – Width (W) 90-350 – Depth (D) 250-500
  • Hot Met gluing
  • Production: 10 cartons/min
  • Weight: 2,000 kg.
  • Air consumption: 5 NL/1′
  • Power supply: 15 kw
  • Pressure: 6 ATM


Case Packer I-500

The range of I-500 Case Packers includes full automatic machines from 1 to 5 gripping heads with Cartesian axis handling that is perfect to be placed in end-of-line medium or high-intensity production chains.

The system allows you to receive and pick up the desired quantity of the containers from the filling line, allocating them into the appropriate carton packages, such as American cases or boxes (PVC, plastic, etc.).

They have a compact and solid structure designed to facilitate the changing format functions of the gripping head without using special tools.

Based on proven technology, this machine is extremely efficient, reliable, and flexible.

Each machine can be customized by Co.Mec Solutions according to the needs of every single product or realized the opposite version.

Technical Features and Optional

Case packer
Case packer


  • 1/5 orthogonal axes head
  • Picking up head
  • Packaging conveyor belts (boxes, cases, etc.)
  • Conveyor belts for packages (bottles, etc.)
  • Controller and commander programmable electronic equipment
  • Production: up to 500/2500 cartons/h
  • Weight: 850/240 kg.
  • Max. package dimension: 300x400x350 h
  • Power supply: 6/12 kw.
  • Air consumption: 4/10 NL/1′
  • Pressure: 6 ATM
  • Grip head
  • Grip head for special products
  • Inbound box former
  • Outgoing taping machine

Monoblock MC 500/250

Monoblock packaging units are low or medium-speed end-of-line systems that optimize spaces and allow for carton creation, container insertion, and glue or adhesive tape sealant.

They are designed to meet every possible case packaging need.

All monoblock packaging units are moved mechanically for easier operations, thereby ensuring high performance and easy replacement during changing sizes that are carried out with a few, simple and ordinary operations.

The Co.Mec Solutions’ tailor-made customization allows us to design the best solution for different needs regarding the product, all in compliance with the safety regulations.

All of the models are equipped with programmable assisted functions for optimizing the production chain.

Monoblock MC 500/250 is the best choice for those looking for easy and clear management of a restained overall dimension.

Technical Features and Optional

MC 500/250

  • Case packer with orthogonal axes
  • Box former
  • Picking up head
  • Safety devices
  • Management panel
  • Max package dimensions: min. 200x200x250 – 300x350x400 max.
  • Production: 500/250 cartons/h
  • Weight: 2500 kg.
  • Power supply: 5 kW
  • Air consumption: 35 Nl/1’
  • Pressure: 6 ATM
  • upper and lower taping machine


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