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Machinery built to measure and in response to a customer problem


Packaging Machine

For the loading and unloading of products we produce machinery capable of processing all types of containers, guaranteeing precision and reliability.

The company’s strength is customization, which allows you to minimize clutter and to design solutions in line with the real needs of your company.

We focus on creating machines that simplify operations by ensuring flexibility and speed in format change, performed automatically via the keyboard, or by reducing manual operations to a minimum.

From design to installation

I believe that listening to the customer’s needs is essential to do a good job.
I’m used to accompanyng him in the choice of machinery considering the packaging problems he found every day.
With the study and the customized design I try to find the best solution at the lowest cost.
And I’m proud of this: the small company knows how to be useful to the customer where the large one works on the standard.

Gianluca Zuccher


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