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Born in 1988

We are a family business that was founded in 1988 by our father.
He wanted to create a business model that would integrate ideas, people, and technology for the heavy-duty metalwork sector in the Province of Verona (Italy).

During the company’s development, we supported the study, design, and construction of new machinery together with the primary activity and we transform ourselves in a society.

Today, we are characterized by our absolute customization and this contributes to defining us as a tailor-made heavy-duty metalwork fabrication company due to the customized design and construction of each machinery and automation system.

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Co.Mec. Solutions company history timeline

For over 30 years, we have handled mechanical constructions and end-of-line industrial automation for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, wine, and graphic-paper sectors.

Design and manufacturing with maximum flexibility are provided by our company to handle the most complex needs, with appropriate economy solutions in different production dimensions.

All of the tailor-made solutions proposed by the technical department are based on production cycle analysis, equipment, and customer systems capacity and they are developed on the most up-to-date design IT-tools and automation and control software.

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